CIT Hispano-Moroccan Center for Innovation and Technology in Tourism

It is the first Center for Innovation and Technology in "Southern Europe Andalusia-Northern Morocco Cross-Border Tourism Destination". This destination is characterized by a high dependence on sun and beach tourism, with a shared need related to fostering complementary segments, such as cultural and heritage tourism, health tourism, sports and adventure, ethnic and gourmet, nature sustainable and responsible tourism, and so on, based on strategic planning, marketing and promotion, quality management, promotion of vocational training, innovation management and technology-based entrepreneurship.


The main objective of the project is to develop a technology platform where business synergies based on tourism innovation can be created, putting together both shores of the Strait, offering a shared destination with the target of ​​promoting the destination “Southern Europe Andalusia - Northern Morocco”. Actions will cover tourism administration team building, workshops to disseminate tourism resources, fostering the creation of tourism itineraries, forums for dialogue among entrepreneurs, awards and promotion of joint ventures between Northern Morocco and Southern Spain.


Main Beneficiary

Universidad de Cádiz is strongly linked to the territory in which it operates. Therefore, it is divided into 4 campuses with a total of 64 degrees and whose primary mission is to transfer knowledge and services to society.


SEGITTUR. The State Agency for the Management of Tourism Innovation and Technology under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, and attached to the Ministry of Tourism.

Tecnalia Research & Innovation. Its mission is to transform knowledge into GDP improving people´s quality of life by generating business opportunities for companies.

Université Abdelmalek Essaadi.